Current Projects

Uniforms are amazing things, the people that wear them even more so. These collections of photographs, quotes and stories will become part of a wider piece which I hope to share and display. Showcasing ordinary people who do extraordinary things. If you want to know more or are interested in taking part in this self funded project, then please get in touch via this link or tap the image below.

Past Projects

The seafood industry from the outside is male dominated, Seafish UK tasked me with showing the wide range of posts occupied by women. When you ask people about the seafood industry thoughts usually drift to stormy seas and men out working the boats. This project aimed to show the less visible, but equally crucial roles women play within the seafood industry both on and away from the “frontline”. Click the image below to find out more about this project.

The WAVE Injured Group was formed in the Belfast WAVE Centre in the mid-2000s. This exhibition would be used to lobby those in power in to giving ‘The Injured’ a victims pension. The images have toured many venues from Belfast to Westminster. Click the image below to view images from the exhibition.

The Belfast Lord Mayors post lasts just a year. Let me show you how the current Lord Mayor, Nuala McAllister makes use of her precious time in office in this fly on the wall project.

Have a beard? Is it awesome? Want to be part of my new project? Check out Belfast Beards.

belfast beards

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