RampRage at T13

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I love networking mainly because of the random introductions that can happen.  One introduction was between myself and a marketing expert.  We got talking about one of her clients, a company called PFlexx.  The company are releasing a revolutionary knee support system.

I was introduced to the PFlexx team initially to get some photographs of the launch day.  I met the guys at The Ulster University and spent a couple of hours with them getting some shots of the launch event. RampRage at T13

After getting all the photographs needed from the launch event i learnt that they would be shooting a video to demo the knee support in action.  The venue was to be T13 down by the Titanic building in Belfast.  However they were meeting at 6am, sure to be an early start!

The PFlexx team were going to be filming Matt from RampRage.  He is an expert BMX rider was the perfect man for the job.  As the film crew were not recording sound i was able to take photographs as they were filming.  In between takes i was able to have a few minutes with Matt to set up my own shots. RampRage at T13

It was pretty taxing conditions from the get go.  I was having to shoot at ISO6400, this is very high on any camera let alone a professional SLR.  At least the high ISO enabled me to maintain a reasonably high shutter speed.  It was so dark outside and because the lighting inside was dim it was hard getting shots that were not blurry.  Despite using such a high ISO value i was still only getting a usuable shutter speed of 160th.  As the morning progressed i was able to decrease the ISO value a little but it meant i was able to increase the shutter and aperture settings. RampRage at T13


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