Ok, let’s talk about everybody’s favourite topic… How much! 

Hourly rate = £95 for 2017/18. 

I have a minimum basic charge of one hour, any additional time is billed using the same hourly rate. Here are a couple of helpful things to keep in mind, so there are no last minute surprises!

From time to time, a project my require me to travel, that’s an additional cost, and of course there’s the time needed to process the high quality finished product that you’ll be counting on me to deliver.

Unlike the bigger agencies, I don’t limit the amount of photos you get, and I don’t charge you per photo either. I will give you every photo I take in the time that I spend there, although I will get rid of any photos that don’t pass my quality tests, but there won’t be many that don’t make it through.

Here, there… and almost everywhere!

I don’t just work in Northern Ireland. My work extends to Scotland, England, Wales, the Republic of Ireland and the EU mainland. My rate is unchanged at, £95 per hour.

Of course there may be some specific details with regards to travel costs that we can discuss in advance by phone, email or over coffee.

My goal is that everyone I work with receive the same high standard of business etiquette and professionalism, which is why I have adopted a one price for all philosophy.

This ensures that everyone is getting the same value for money.

One thought on “Rates

  1. I am a final Year student studying at the university of Ulster and my friend and I need someone to take professional pictures of our textile art pieces for our degree show. It wouldnt be until May but we need to book in advance. If it is possible for you to do so would it be 85 pound between us if we shared the hour or 85 pound each?

    Yours sincerely Grainne

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