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Whats the best part of being a Belfast photographer?  Working with people from Belfast, or more specifically children from Belfast.  Replay Theatre Company is the only company in NI (and one of not very many even globally) making performances for babies – some of them as young as just a few weeks old.  As well as the performances being specifically made for children the majority of their work is on site.

Building on the enormous success of BABBLE, Replay is creating a brand new baby show. Small enough to pop up in a day nursery, TiNY comes with its own magical theatre space and is performed to just a few babies at a time.  Full of magical sounds, lights and textures, TiNY takes our very youngest audience members on a fantastical journey full of wonder and surprises!  TiNY will be developed in creative consultation with the babies and staff of Bright Sparks Day Nursery, Skainos, Newtownards Road, Belfast

Read more at Replay Theatre Company.

As this show is not scheduled until late Autumn this year the photographs really would just be a preliminary look.  Replay needed a small batch of images for funding applications and venues.

Technically speaking this wouldn’t be the most difficult shoot though I did use four speed lights.  The room where the performance would be staged was perfectly square, I set one speed light up in each corner of the room and aimed the head at the white roof.  Using four speed lights meant I would have good even light coverage no matter where I was in the room.  Four soft mats were set up in the middle of the room for the mothers and babies to sit on.  I would spend most the time on my belly for this shoot as the subjects were so small!

As to not scare the babies I ditched the massive 70-200mm lens for the much more compact (and less obtrusive) 85mm.  As well as the obvious size difference between these two lenses the 85mm can be stopped down to F1.8 meaning you get those lovely blurred backgrounds.  I didn’t take many shots at F1.8 as the babies were moving around quite a bit and I didn’t want to risk the images becoming unfocused.

Anyway enough of me talking, release the babies!

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