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Rozanne Stevens

Rozanne Stevens is a South African born chief living and working right here in Ireland.  She has just released a new cook book called Relish BBQ, check it out on her website.

I was contacted several weeks ago because she has just started a new program called, “Field To Fork.”  Its a series of photo shoots and interviews with local food suppliers and manufactures.

The first photo shoot in the “Field To Fork” series would be held up at the amazing Broighther Gold farm with owner Leona and head chief, Brian McMonagle from The Brewer’s House.

I follow Broighter Gold on Twitter but this would be the first time this Belfast photographer would make the trip to Limivady.  Initially i was very concerned the photo shoot wouldn’t go ahead due to the last minute arrangements.  I got the info about the job on a Monday when i was still in Croatia and the shoot was arranged for the Wednesday of the same week.  No pressure then!

Once the team was assembled on Leonas farm we got cracking as time would be very tight.  Immediately my biggest concern was for a change not rain.  It was clouds.  The sun was beating down but it was being blocked out intermittently by huge clouds.  I would be using speedlights for this shoot as fill light but the clouds would prove to be a real pain.  One minute i was shooting in direct sun light with no cover then several minutes later a huge cloud would roll over the farm meaning my previous settings were giving underexposed photos.  The only thing i could do was keep looking up to see where the clouds were and adjust settings accordingly.

Thankfully Rozanne had a shot list of images that she needed.  The first couple of images were static shots with no people in them.  The sun and clouds were behaving at this point so i was getting pretty much direct sunlight at this stage.  I had an SB-900 and SB-910 set up for this job with two phottix triggers attached.  I didn’t want to risk using the SU-800 incase the infrared signal would get lost and not fire the flashes.

With the static shots out of the way we got Leona and Brian in the to the scene.  Brian was to cook up a steak dish as well as some prawns.  Leona was to dress the accompanying salads with her rapeseed oils.

At this stage the clouds started moving through the area with a little more haste meaning i was switching settings quickly.  One moment it was direct sunlight, the next clouds.  The other thing aside from the weather i had to watch out for was Brians chiefs jacket.  As it was white i had to be careful of highlights.  I wanted to make sure the jacket stayed white but not blown out.  In direct sunlight this proved very difficult.

By the end of the shoot i was sweating like mad and covered in rapeseed pollen but happy with a super colourful set of images in the bag.





Rozanne Stevens Rozanne Steven sRozanne Stevens Rozanne Stevens Rozanne Stevens Rozanne Stevens

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