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I work all over Northern Ireland.  As a Belfast photographer I love the chance to get out of the city to a different part of the country to work.  In this case my client was based just outside Lisburn.  Sebden Steel process steel and various other metals for many companies around the UK and Europe.  Like a lot of clients that I work with they want new images for a new website.  Whilst many companies that I work with don’t use a website for e-commerce purposes they need something that when people search for them their contact details can be found.  All of my clients what proper imagery for their new websites so that visitors are impressed when they arrived and thus more compelled to make that call to get in touch.

I had a pretty loose brief from the Sebden Steel team.  I was to arrive at the factory late afternoon and meet one of the staff members who would be showing me round the factory.  Donna would be pointing out the various areas and pieces of equipment that would need photographed.  The new website would reflect the different services that Sebden Steel offer.  Having a guide in such a large factory was really helpful as I didn’t have a clue where to start.

The biggest problem with having a shoot so late in the day (and the year) was that lighting was really low.  Yes the factory had strip lighting but it really wasn’t enough for my usage.  As this was an active factory I couldn’t set lots of lights up.  Large spools of metal were being moved around so I had to be very careful as to where I placed my speed lights.  I opted for just two speed lights with two large flash benders attached (instead of umbrellas).  I kept the power around 1/4 and bumped up the ISO to compensate for only using two lights instead of my usual four.

I just picked up a new Nikon D750 a few days prior to this job so I was eager to try it out.  This job was perfect for this new camera.  The flip out screen really allowed me to get some interesting angles on otherwise traditional images.  The fantastic ISO control on this camera meant that I could easily shoot past 1600 ISO and the noise would be very well controlled.

No shoot ever goes 100% to plan and this job was no exception.  Check out the last photo in the collection below, theres a big sign on the outside of the factory.  The wind was really bad a couple of days before I made it down to the factory.  It was so windy the D in Sebden was hanging off the wall!  We didn’t actually notice this until after the shoot so I am heading back down there after the sign is fixed to reshoot this particular image.

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