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Shnuggle are an amazing little company based in Newtownards that sell a range of baby baths and cots but they are different because they offer a selection of hypoallergenic and noise proof baskets.  As with a lot of my clients they are not put off because I am a Belfast photographer.  Yes they could hire someone local but because I travel all over Ireland, so distance is not an problem for me.  I was referred to the Adam and Sinead through the team at Three Sixty Create.  I’ve worked with Shnuggle several times over the last year to help them photograph their growing product range.

Product photography is a slight departure to my usual work but its something I very much enjoy.  To successfully get some clean shots for the Shnuggle team I needed several specific items.  The first and most important thing is a backdrop.  For the first shoot with Shnuggle I only had the use of a paper backdrop, but it was still wide and clean enough to be suitable for the purpose.

Check out some of the set up shots from the first session with Shnuggle.  This shoot was set up to get some images of the moses basket.

The white backdrop would enable me to stitch around the baskets to end up with a pure white background.  Adam even brought one of his younger children along so we could get shots of her in the baskets.  People constantly tell me not to work with children or animals and I always tell them, “dont be stupid!” You’re really missing out if you dont, they’re great fun to work with.  The next part in the process is the editing.  Once I got the images on to the iMac I started the editing process.  The Shnuggle team wanted pure white backgrounds so I got busy with the lasso tool in photoshop.

The next session I had with the Shnuggle team would involve more babies and a new product, the bath tub.  This shoot would be a barrel load of laughs as this time we had two babies!  Again as before I had to make sure the products were shot against a white backdrop.  This time I had a white vinyl back drop.  This would be a lot of resistant to people stepping on it compared to the paper version.  Its also a lot easier cleaned.

As before I had to remove the backgrounds of the images to they were pure white.  This way the Shnuggle team could fit them anywhere in to their website.  It was really important from the word go that all the products were crystal clear and had accurate colours.  Its really hard to photograph white products against white backgrounds but with accurate lighting it can be achieved.  Again I got busy with the Lasso tool in photoshop and removed the backgrounds in the images.

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