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Sinners is the current show playing at the Lyric Theatre right here in Belfast. Set in an isolated country village, Sinners follows the story of a mysterious preacher going by the name of O’Hare. The show follows the split caused in the local community by this controversal character and how the locals aim to fix the damage caused.

I started my career almost 9 years ago in the Queens Film Theatre working on a multi-faculty dramatic production in which I was producing the sound and music. I took a couple of pictures for my own records. The director of the show seen the pictures I took and invited me back to work on her next show, this is where it all started for me.

During the first year of my fledgling career I primarily photographed dramatic productions as thats who I was being introduced to. It meant that in a very short space of time I started to understand how to work in a theatrical environment.

For Sinners I would be envolved in two shoots; reherseal pictures then costume portraits.

The first shoot during a reading of the script would be a little tricky as I had to get a good selection of images showing all the characters but I would need to work hard not to interupt or disturb them whilst they were in character. Thankfully it was easy to move around the space and as they were all professionals they paid me no attention at all.

The second phase of the planned photoshoots would happen several weeks after the rehersal pictures when the characters recieved their costumes. This was a lot more direct as I had to create portraits that depicted the characters personalities. I really enjoyed this shoot as it was just me and the actors working together one on one. I had to rely on them to help me with their character’s personalities as I had not yet seen the full show. I opted for a low key set up. I placed one large softbox to my left (their right) and another light behind them aimed at their shoulders and head.

As a bonus when we had all the actors together the client asked me to create individual videos that could be turned in to GIFs. The clips wouldn’t last longer than 3 or 4 seconds so would be perfect for use on Twitter and Facebook.

Sinners is showing in the Lyric until 3rd June, check out this link for more information.


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