As you read on I trust you’ll see that honesty and integrity mean everything to me, my business and most importantly, my customers.

So, I’ve made it easy for us to do business. I’ve boiled it down to just five simple points that cover everything thats important.

  1. Your booking enables me to live and operate my business. To that end, once we have agree cost, date, time and location and I place that booking in the diary thats us good to go. By me acknowledging your request, and you agreeing to the booking, any cancellations from this point to the date of the shoot will be your responsibility. As such, all agreed invoices prior to the shoot will be paid in full regardless of when the cancellation has occured.
  2. For instances of postponement, the prior agreed invoice will be submitted on the original date of the shoot for the full amount. The postponed date for the reshoot will be agreed and no further invoices will be submitted.
  3. Before, during and after the photoshoot I will confirm with you when you require the images to be handed over. If a date is not confirmed by you I will hand the images over to you a soon as I can edit them. I will unlikely be able to get the images to you when you need them unless we’ve previously agreed a date.
  4. I can provide images to you during the shoot. Just let me know and I can have social media ready images sent over to your device of choice in a matter of minutes.
  5. Images that I provide you can only be used for the agreed purpose. If you need to reuse them again in the future, for a purpose other than what was agreed, that will involve extra charges.

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