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Last month saw 100 UK hair salons open their doors to invited guests for an evening of fun, education and product testing.  Only one hair salon in Northern Ireland took part but Paul Meekins Partners Hair & Beauty salon is certainly one of the best known in Belfast, if not Northern Ireland.

The Big Hair do would coincide with a new hair magazine website launch called Layered.  The whole idea of the website would be to show consumers how to style hair, what products to use and where to get them.

I arrived early at Partners hair to set up.  The salon was really modern inside so I knew immediately that the photos (along with a little extra light) would look great.  I opted to use all four speed lights as there would be a lot of different things happening in different corners of the salon.  The combined power of the speed lights would give me great all round coverage.

For my part in The Big Hair Do I would have several specific photography tasks to carry out.  First would be to get a couple of images of the salon itself.  Next on the list would be images of the guests arriving and enjoying refreshments and food.  This also would be a great chance for me to gather some more impromptu images.

The most important images would be the demonstration phase of the evening.  This was the whole idea behind the evening after all!  I had to move the lights around quite a bit during this phase of the evening due to the mirrors on the wall picking up reflections.

I cover a lot of events like The Big Hair Do.  Despite the format for these events being fairly similar they are completely different to each other.

All the pictures from this event where edited on site and sent to local/national press via a 4G connected laptop.

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