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Back at the start of December 2015 I was lucky enough to get to a gig at The Empire which lined up with my birthday. This rarely happens so I was even more ecstatic that The Bonnevilles would be head lining! As it was essentially my night off I didn’t take the big cameras with me.  I did how ever take the small but mighty Canon G7X.  I usually shoot on Nikon D750’s but the the little Canon can punch well above its weight. Just because its small doesn’t mean it can’t compete with its larger brothers.  I am always super impressed at the image quality of such a small camera.

The Bonnevilles are hands down one of my favourite bands full stop. Not favourite local bands, but they’d pop up in my top ten list hands down. In fact the last time I checked their album on my Google Play account, “Folk Art & The Death of Electric Jesus” had a track play count of over 600 plays adding up all the counts of each track.

The main trade off with using this little Canon is the high ISO performance. The little tiny sensor inside simply isn’t as good with high ISO values compared to what you would find in larger DSLR’s. But I am OK with this. Thanks to modern day noise reduction you can tame the noise afterwards during post processing. Adobe Lightroom is so good at general noise reduction I very rarely have to dip into Photoshop.

Theres a couple of things I love about the Canon G7X. The first is the 4.2x zoom.  My 24-70mm F2.8 Nikon lens which costs over £1k can’t even beat that! The other thing is total manual controls. I can use the mechanical ring on the lens to control aperture and a little selector wheel on the back to control shutter speed.

I didn’t push the ISO value past 1600 so it meant at times a slightly slower speed than I would’ve liked to be using. When this happens its super important to keep yourself nice and steady. Lean up against something or someone to make sure you cut down on camera shake. There is image stabilisation built in but if your subject is moving around a lot IS won’t help you much.

Lastly this camera despite its size shoots images in RAW! My phone can’t even do that and its an LG G3. This ability means you can push post processing to the max and really get the best out of the images.

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