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Several months ago i was involved with the national Fish Is The Dish campaign when it visited the Mourne Sea Food Bar in Belfast for a special event.  The PR company who were looking after the event in Belfast are based in Glasgow.  They are responsible for the PR of the Fish Is The Dish campaign through out the UK.

I got a call several weeks ago asking if i could visit The Pit Stop in Kilkeel as they had won the 2012 Northern Ireland Fish & Chip Shop Of The Year award.

I had a simple brief from the PR company.  They passed me a list of images i needed for different publications and news outlets.

After travelling down to Kilkeel on a very wet day i met Alan just as he opened the shop.  The first thing we did was get a good set of headshots of Alan.  The headshots of Alan were all done with 2 speedlights.  One to light his face from the front and another to illuminate the rear of the shot.  Alan doesnt operate The Pit Stop alone.  His wife, Catrina plays a massive role as well.  The next set of images were of Alan and Catrina.

After we got the portrait shots next thing was to get images of The Pit Stop in action, we needed to fry some fish.

I move the lights from the front of The Pit Stop to the back where the fryers are located.  Once i was set up Alan got cooking.  I had exactly 6 minutes to get a set of images as thats how long it would take to fry the fresh fish.

The last set of images need was several shots of Catrina handing over a freshly cooked fish to a customer.  Thankfully Catrinas mum called in so we were able to use her in the images.

All of the images i took were used in a mixture of outlets from local papers in the Kilkeel area to national papers throughout Northern Ireland.

I had to wait until now before i could use these images for my own promotion as the award was on recently announced!  Well done to Alan and Catrina from The Pit Stop Kilkeel for winning such a fantastic award.

*Thanks to Alan for cooking me my lunch afterwards 🙂


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