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I love working with people who appreciate the value of my work.  Especially when the client is a very good friend!

I met Ken Sharp years ago through BNI here in Northern Ireland.  We even took part in a recent White Collar Boxing program as well.

Ken called several months ago to tell me he was taking over The Salty Dog in Bangor and would need some photography for brochures and website use.

We met up recently at The Salty Dog and started with some food shots.  I decided to try and limit the use of direct flash for these images so we set up the tables by the front window of the restaurant.  This way i could mix natural light and artificial to get the best images.

Ken brought out what can only be described as the most amazing stack of pancakes i have ever seen.  And as usual i forgot to have lunch before the shoot!  After the pancakes then came french toast and bacon.  I was in a mixture of heaven and hell with all this amazing food!  Ken said he needed these shots as he wanted to highlight the breakfast and brunch menu options.

After this we moved on to the main courses.  I decided to move away from the window to change the background and the lighting.  The best spot i found was against the restaurant’s brick wall.  With the wooden table and the bare bricks it made a fantastic combination.

For the main courses i used two speedlights for the lighting.  One had a softbox attached and the other used an umbrella to diffuse the the light.  After we finished with all of the food (and after i sampled the burger!) we started the interior photography of the rooms.

This would require a slight change of hardware.  For the food shots i was using the 24-70mm F2.8.  This helped get focused shots with great blurry background control aka ‘bokeh.’  For the interior shots i switched across to the wider 16-35mm to make sure i got as much of the rooms in to the pictures as possible.

I also had to add another speedlight to the combination bringing the total to three.  I had an SB-900, SB-800 and SB-700.  These were being controlled via the SU-800 which was triggering the three flashes via infrared signal.

Ken really wanted to focus on the sea views from the front facing rooms but also wanted to highlight the rooms at the same time.  We left the interior photos until the sun moved around the building.  With the exterior light a lot softer compared to an hour before it made perfect conditions to balance the light inside and out.

Check out the gallery below but more importantly make sure you head to The Salty Dog Facebook page and like it!

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