The Ulster Kama Sutra

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The Ulster Kama Sutra

The Ulster Kama Sutra premiers for not the first time this evening in the Grand Opera House right here in Belfast.  The Ulster Kama Sutra is no stranger to Belfast with its first show premiering last year in the well known White Tavern Bar.  After massive ticket sales and all round roaring success the show has not just grown but attracted the attention of larger venues as well as several outside of Belfast. The Ulster Kama Sutra is to go on tour!

For the last year, Andrea Montgomery of Terra Nova Productions has been travelling around Northern Ireland interviewing people of all ages and backgrounds about sex. Good sex, bad sex and what they think of sex in general.

Yesterday i published a post telling you about my involvement with another local company called Tinderbox and their latest production, Planet Belfast.  As with Tinderbox my involvement with The Ulster Kama Sutra would be in two stages.  The first stage would be the initial PR stills to help promote the show and the second part would be the more difficult production stills, which would record the show for future promotion.

So the first stage for me in The Ulster Kama Sutra would be the PR stills.  The show has a couple of well known local actresses and the focus would be to help to boost the publicity of the show with them but as well as introducing the new actors to the scene as well.  Caroline Curran and Nuala McKeever are the two local ladies so we got started with them.  I had to get a mixture of shots with the performers and the puppets.  Some of the images had to be the puppet looking at me with the performer partially hidden and the rest of the shots would be the performer and puppet side by side.

Again as with Tinderbox because we had such little time i kept things simple with two speedlights with flashbenders attached.  I used one SB700 and an SB900.  Have a look at the picture below for a sneak peek.

The Ulster Kama Sutra
The Ulster Kama Sutra

After photographing Caroline we moved on to the other cast members and adopted the same approach.  I only used two speedlights for all of the photos and they were set to manual rather than TTL.  It was great having Andrea, the director and producer on hand as she was able to help me create and craft even better looking images.  I was able to shoot the image and she would look over my shoulder to see what was going on.

The Ulster Kama Sutra
The Ulster Kama Sutra

Once the cast photos were complete and in the bag we had to get shots of Andrea with the puppets as well.  The final group photos would be Andrea with the cast and the main puppets.  After this we moved on to Andrea with just her and the puppets, the cast were hidden by the big black box.

All of the images on this shoot will be used to help promote the show be that in print media such as the Belfast Telegraph and the Irish News or online sources like the Grand Opera House website or Terra Nova’s facebook page which you can view here.

The show opens tonight and you can buy tickets on the Grand Opera House website here.




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