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Its not every day you get to meet two Astronauts never mind one so I jumped at the chance to meet Tim Peake and Tim Kopra at the Ulster Hall Belfast last night. They were over in Northern Ireland opening a new facility at Thales which will develop space propulsion hardware.

The event in the Ulster Hall was more of a speaking event. The Ulster Hall was full of space fans, families and children both young and old ready to hear Peake and Kopra talk about their experiences. They came on stage in their blue flight suits after a countdown from host Sarah Travers to a massive applause from the audience.

After a brief introduction from Sarah, Tim Peake and Tim Kopra started in to their talk straight away. Everyone was eager to hear their stories so not a moment was wasted.

Tim Peake started off the talk speaking about his experiences of preparation in Star City in Russia and the problems of trying to learn Russian.  Tim Kopra then began to speak briefly about his previous experiences that qualified him for the mission they were to take on.

In terms of kit I would be working lighter compared to normal. As the Ulster Hall is a large public venue I can’t start setting up remote speed lights in case someone trips over a stand. So any light that I use would have to be on camera speed lights. The lighting in the Ulster Hall wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great and that was reflected in the ISO value being set at 4000 for most of the photos. I only used on camera flash with the fill card popped up when I was near the front of the stage taking close up head shots.

I was actually surprised with the ISO value being up so high how effective the SB-900 light could illuminate the whole hall, even when set at 1/4 power. When I was standing at the back of the hall I angled the head to bounce light off the roof just slightly behind me. It was enough to light up the audience to balance them with the stage lighting.

To see whats happening with the science festival for 2017 make sure to head over to the website via this link.

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