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I love it when a client gets in touch with me saying they dont want to use stock photos for their new website.  Rob Parker from Voz Media wanted his own set of images for his new site.  Instead of trying to fit stock images in to his website Rob came up with a list of images he wanted from me.  So rather than settle from what he could find online and try to make the images fit Rob got a bunch of props together so i could create the images he needed.

Robs website has a simple colour scheme so the images would have to be hi-key and in black and white.  Because of the amount of props involved it was easier for me to travel to Rob and set up the studio on site.

As a photographer i have my own props to aid in the set up of on site photography.  I have various rolls of material that can be used as backgrounds and backdrops.  For these images i was going to use a roll of white vinyl.  When flash is fired at this kind of surface it goes pure white which means its easy to remove the background during the post processing.

The first images we needed to get would be of an old type writer.  This would go on the index page of the new Voz Media site.  I had a 60mm macro lens with me and once i got the wider shot of the typewriter i focused in on the keys.  With the macro lens i was able to get within centimetres of the keys.  These images would be used on other parts of the site.

Rob had a stack of books and these would form the next batch of photos.  As well as the books i had several pens and pencils to get shots of.  Again i used the macro lens to get in really close.

We had an unexpected prop join us.  Penny (Robs dog) decided she had enough of her pen so Rob thought she could join in.  I work with animals quite a bit so i knew this could be very unpredictable.  Thankfully Penny was very obedient and with a few treats she was a willing participant!  With the vinyl service drapped over the table and down on the floor we stacked the books on the floor and started working with Penny.

The final shots needed for the Voz Media website was photos of Rob.  For this i utilised a lastolite pop up background.  If you dont have one of these i suggest you do as they are extremely useful.  They let you control your background instead of relying on what is there onsite.

The Voz Media website is live now, go and check it out!  And remember, stock imagery is not always the best or most cost effective way to go when you need new photographs for your website.


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