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Alison from Wattersons Family Butchers gotin touch several weeks ago and asked could i set aside half a day to come down and take photos on site.

The Magherafelt based butchers were submitting an application to the UK Family Butcher Of The Year awards and as part of process they needed to include a selection of photos.

The standard images that they were ask to supply were shots of the interior including several key areas as well as staff photos and exterior shots.

I started off with the interior shots as the shop was fairly quiet when i arrived.  Whilst i was doing that Samuel went to get the cherry picker for the exterior shop front image.  Rather than take the exterior images from street level Samuel wanted me in the cherry picker to get an elevated shot.

After the exterior images of Wattersons Family Butchers were captured our next aim was to get shots of the local politicians who were due to pay a visit to the shop.

Alison was really keen that i capture the family essence of the butchers.  She had a list of staged photos that we had to get no matter what but in between these set ups i was able to shoot more casual images.

As time was not pressing on this photo shoot i used the D3s only.  During busier shoots i would have two cameras on the go.  I used the 24-70mm and 70-200mm Nikon lenses for this job along with three speed lights.

The roof of the Wattersons Family Butchers was fairly low and wood lined which meant that i had to use umbrellas on the speed lights.  Usually i just bounce light of ceilings as it helps in dispersing the hard light from the flash heads.

As well as the customer facing area Alison wanted shots of the staff in action in the kitchen and butchery areas.  The shop was a hive of activity all day so there was endless opportunities for great shots.

If your ever in the area make sure you go and visit Wattersons Family Butchers for the most amazing steaks! Check this map to see where they are.

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