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Before you read on, read over this previous post. It will give you a better understanding about the exhibition I created for Wave Trauma Centre.

Exhibition On Tour.

This trip to the Houses of Parliament was months in the planning. It was part of the process to help “The Injured Group” achieve their victims pension. You will only see a handful of The Injured Group in these images. They represent around 500 people throughout N.Ireland.

The Injured Group from Wave Trauma Centre waiting outside the Houses of Parliament

Westminster is the home of politics in the UK. Northern Ireland doesn’t have an active government at the time of writing. This has been the case for over two years now. The Injured Group believed they’d gain more traction if they headed to the heart of UK politics.

We arrived in Westminster early doors, around 8am. We wanted to be at the head of the queue to make sure we had plenty of time to set up. The roller banners that contain the pictures are very tricky to construct. We had to allow plenty of assembly time.

Set up complete!

Go Time!

The event itself was sponsored by Owen Smith MP, former shadow secretary of state for Northern Ireland. The House of Commons and Lords were informed through the standard notification process about the event, in total close to 1000 people knew about the exhibition being on site.

Owen Smith MP speaking with The Injured Group leader, Paul Gallagher.

We had the room set up with around 30 mins to spare. Various MPs and Lords started to drift in and meet with The Injured Group and study the exhibition imagery. I overheard people talking about the imagery. When you hear people saying, “vivid, powerful and striking”, I knew all the hard work had been worth it.


This has been a tricky project to work on. Like most photographers who create an exhibition, they can 100% call it their own. This exhibition was somewhat different. I’ve never called it mine, usually I’ve referred to it as, “my exhibition for Wave Trauma Centre”. In the end it’s not really mine and it will never be. I feel proud that I created something for a very worthy cause. I never once thought that I would have my work displayed in The Houses of Parliament and that for me is more than enough recognition.

Follow this link to read more about Wave Trauma Centre.

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