Pay As You Go Wedding Photography

I am 32 years old and I’ve been to many weddings from little to large.  I’ve been to civil ceremonies in city halls with a hand full of people, private ceremonies on beaches, right up to weddings with over 200 guests in huge country manors.

Sean & Jacqui

Weddings are one of the biggest days of your life.

You’ve got your beloved standing next to you as well as all your closest friends and family standing close by.

Heather & Anne

Its no secret that weddings are expensive and no matter how much you try to cut corners and save a few pounds the bills inevitably mount up very quickly.  You’ve got to pay for the wedding car, the cake, the dress, the caterers, the evening venue, the church, the DJ, the drinks, the popcorn machine and of course, the photographer!

David & Anna

Costs for a wedding photographer in Northern Ireland can range from the low hundreds ranging up into the high thousands of pounds.  Many wedding photographers want you to book them for at least half a day or maybe even a full day.

Joanna & Davy

What if you’re having a civil ceremony in city hall then a small function afterwards?  Realistically you’ll only need a photographer for one hour or maybe two.  Or what if you’re having a massive wedding? You’ve invited all your family and you’ve no budget for a photographer for the whole day but an hour or two would suffice to get enough pictures for the all important album.

Ryan & Juls

What ever you’re doing for your big day book me on a pay as you go basis. I can attend your wedding for as many hours you need me there.  If you only need me there for an hour then thats OK, though I can of course stay longer.

I charge £120 per hour whilst on site and if your wedding is outside of Belfast the only other extra would be mileage at £0.50 per mile.

I won’t saddle you with any extra hidden costs such as expensive albums or online picture access either.  You’ll get all the best photos that I take and you’ll have them within a week of your big day, lets break the mould of having to wait months for wedding photos!

You’ll be able to share your photos and send them to who ever you like via what ever platform you prefer to use.  I promise I wont restrict you with low resolution images or control your access.

Tell me what you need and I will make sure you get it.

Kim & Mike

Want to get in touch? Pick your date on the calendar below and fill out the other boxes as best you can and I will get in touch as soon as possible.  Don’t panic if your wedding is during the week as I can help you out on what ever day suits you.

Richard & Lindsey

 I need very little notice so even if you’re getting married within the next month or several weeks don’t panic, its not too late!

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