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I am super excited to let you know about a brand new project, Year In Office with CouncillorĀ Nuala McAllister.

So, here’s the plan. I want to show you all what happens behind the scenes of the office of Lord Mayor in Belfast. This is a very public position and as a result there is fairly good media coverage of what the Mayor does. This can mean weekly TV appearances as well as daily photo shoots. This project aims to show you what happens after these TV spots and press photo calls. You won’t be getting the classic “grip and grin” images here, oh no!

This project will consist of reportage style imagery, I plan to do as little posed work as possible in order to stay true to the fly on the wall style.

All the images in this project will show what goes on behind the scenes in the office of Belfast Lord Mayor.

This project will finish with an exhibition of the images I capture. I think it’s an amazing accomplishment to achieve this position but like a lot of things in life, it’s over so quickly. A year seems like a long time but when you’re busy every day it doesn’t take long to fly in. I want at the end to show off some of the best images I’ve captured. At the moment I’ve not decided what form the exhibition will take but there’s plenty of time yet to figure that out (famous last words?).

Year In Office
Year In Office

If you’ve landed on this page first without visiting my main page showing all the rest of my work take a look at what I’ve been doing recently and check out who I’ve been working with.

To find out all the official details about Nuala and the office of Lord Mayor check out this link to the council website.

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