Karate in Belfast

My first outing with the Lord Mayor would be following her whilst she attended her old karate club just off College Street in Belfast. We spoke several weeks ago about this project and this appointment was the first occasion that would really suit this project.

Nuala trained with NIKW during her high school years under the instruction of club owner, Oliver Brunton. I was super excited to be joining her to visit the club as there was junior competition on that evening and I’d never really seen karate up close like this before.

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Welcome to my latest project, “Year In Office”. The clue with this one is all in the title. Throughout Nuala McAllister’s year in the Mayoral seat for Belfast City I plan to spend time with her documenting what goes on behind the scenes.

This isn’t a project that will consist of the typical posed images you’ll often see of the Mayor in the local paper but will instead consist of a carefully created set of images that will show what life is like away from the cameras and press.

As the year progresses you will get a glympse into what being Mayor of city actually entails and through the fly on the wall imagery I aim to show you how busy but fulfilling the post is to those that undertake this position.