Branagh In Belfast

After a bit of a break in the project due to Christmas and New Years Eve it’s great to get back at it! Nuala contacted me the day before this shoot so it was fairly last minute, but as the majority of my work is like this I am well used to be ready to roll at a moments notice. My work ethic of keeping everything charged and ready to go always pay off!

The special visitor was the one and only Sir Kenneth Branagh (Ken). On Tuesday evening he was being awarded Freeman of Belfast City but before all that he was doing a short press conference in city hall in the morning after which he was going to be visiting several locations around Belfast including a couple of schools. 

My involvement in a morning like this is a little strange. This project isn’t about me and it’s not always about press style imagery. It’s all about Nuala and the people she interacts with during her time in office. I say it’s a little strange because when shoots like this happen you can really feel the buzz and it’s really hard not to get swept up in  it all and forget what you’re there to do. You have to focus really hard on your purpose and not get tangled up in everyone else’s business. I want to show as much behind the scenes footage as I can. You get to see the  press style image in the newspapers as there’s usually two or three press photographers there getting the same images. I wanted to show what happens the rest of the time and what they’re not photographing.

The whole morning was super chill. Ken arrived spot on time and was greeted by Nuala and straight away we got into a photo set up. The press guys set up the shot and I jumped in and grabbed it as well. It didn’t take any extra effort and I knew the resulting image would look cool.

They headed upstairs to sign the visitors book before attending the press conference part of the morning. After ken signed the visitors book, we (the media) were ushered out of the office to give everyone a break and to give them time to have a cuppa.

The next part of the morning was the press conference were Ken would talk about his ‘Branagh In Belfast’ project as well as taking questions about becoming a Freeman of Belfast and how that made him feel.

My favourite two favourite photos of the morning both happened within a few minutes of each other. The first image was Ken and Nuala standing at the top the marble stairs. They were just waiting for the press guys to get ready for a posed photo set up. The next photo was of Ken whilst the press guys where snapping away at him. I stepped back and grabbed the image below.

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