Karate in Belfast

My first outing with the Lord Mayor would be following her whilst she attended her old karate club just off College Street in Belfast. We spoke several weeks ago about this project and this appointment was the first occasion that would really suit this project.

Nuala trained with NIKW during her high school years under the instruction of club owner, Oliver Brunton. I was super excited to be joining her to visit the club as there was junior competition on that evening and I’d never really seen karate up close like this before.

I met Nuala outside and we made our way upstairs whilst the sounds of shouting and clapping from the dojo above flooded the staircase.

Oliver and his son, James greated us at the top of the stairs and I got straight to work. I dumped my gear to the side, took off my shoes and armed myself with two cameras. One had a wide lens to capture the room and the other had a longer lense to make sure I could get close ups of Nuala as she watched the matches unfold.

For those of you that have read any posts over on my main website you’ll know I’m a massive fan of portable battery powered speed lights. I find them so versitile and powerful considering their size but on this occassion I couldn’t use them. With the amount of children moving around the dojo I couldn’t idenifiy a space where I could safely place the lights.  Asides from the location safety I thought the lights would distract the participants so that further confirmed my choice of not using them.

This isn’t going to be the kind of project were I can post images every week as ultimately it depends on Nuala’s schedule. Considering she’s the mayor that is open to change on a daily basis so I need to be able to react to any changes fast but I don’t see this beinig a major issue at all. 

Thanks for reading and I look forward to bringing you more content as the year goes on.

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